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Chapter Review

Chapter Review

You Make the Call

Situation 1

Jeremy Argyle launched his own clothing label in 2009, vowing to sell his original shirts, sweaters, and ties only through his own stores and on the Internet. To further boost the success his company has had so far, he realizes that it is crucial to keep customers coming back for more. So, like entrepreneurs everywhere, Argyle wants to employ customer retention techniques that will establish a strong foundation for repeat business. You will find his venture’s website at, which has software capabilities to support customer interactions.

Sources: “Gallivant: Jeremy Argyle,”, accessed January 2, 2015; Jeff Haden, “Building His Brand His Way,” Inc., July/August 2013, Vol. 35, No. 6, p. ; and “About Jeremy Argyle,”, accessed January 2, 2015. 

  1. Question 1 What customer loyalty techniques would you recommend to Argyle?
  2. Question 2 What information would be appropriate to collect about customers in a database?
  3. Question 3 What specific computer-based communication could be used to achieve Argyle’s goal?

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