Why do you think that the world’s musics can impact cultures so | music

Writing Assignment 

  • Listen to the following selections (you will refer to these in your writing assignment):

Japan (Gagaku): Imperial Sho Koto Chant


India: Sanai Gath (Raga Kaphi)


Indonesia, Bali: (Gender Wayang): Gamelan Orchestra


China: Hu-kin and Butterfly-harp


South Africa, Zululand: Flutes and Body Harp


Navajo, Native American: Ribbon Dance


Why do you think that the world’s musics can impact cultures so differently? Listen to the examples of traditional musical sounds from different cultures and try to identify a common similarity. While it is easy to point out what is different, you should compare them to find shared elements. Remember that the music may serve different functions; that is, performance or to accompany a social or spiritual event.

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