Week 7 discussion | Management homework help


Part 1: Post a Response

Imagine that you recently read an article that highlights the  benefits of a four-day workweek. You intend to persuade your company’s  CEO that this is a viable option for the company. Which one of the  following appeals would you focus on in order to convince your CEO that a  four-day workweek is beneficial? Choose one of the following appeals  and explain why you feel it will best assist you in convincing your  company’s CEO.

  • Ethos: character or disposition (credibility).
  • Logos: logical (reasoning and evidence).
  • Pathos: emotional.

Respond to classmate post below


I would chose the logos method I say this because it will be better to  persuade the CEO with logical thinking. Which will lead to the CEO to  think rationally. It provides the CEO to look and think outside the box.  Having a four day work week is a good ideal this gives the employees  time to relax from being tired from a seven workday. Also, this leads to  better performance and time for the employees to rest, and be with  family and handle personal business.Which you can determine what the  business needs will be met by a four day work week. You can consult with  different areas of your business on what they need. Be clear about  what’s changing and staying the same. Clearly label the intended  benefits of the change. Four day work week increases employees  satisfaction , company commitment  and teamwork, but it also decreases  stress levels. Even better, reducing employees work schedules to a 4 day  work week doesn’t harm their productivity or company output. Less days  will increase better performance with employees working longer hours is  stressful and which leads to poor performance an lack of caring to work  productively.

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