Week 6 assignment 2 of 3 _in

Assignment Topic

 PowerPoint presentation, 2 references each

1. What was the culture of PHS clinical decision making before the advent of its LMR and CPOE systems? (2 slides)

2. What are the implications of PHS transformation in the following areas: 

        The allocation of IT resources? (1 slide)

Main Question


Assignment Rationale:

Please refer to the course syllabus to determine what percentage this assignment is of your final course grade. The purpose of this assignment is to allow each student an opportunity to write a formal reflection paper about the case study group project experience.

Assignment Learning Objective:

Each assignment will be related to a specific learning objective. This assignment is linked to four separate learning objectives. Week 6 Learning Objectives 1 (Consider the design or redesign of healthcare systems to support workflow organization and governance in preparation for the case study group project due in Week 6), 2 (Relate the importance of training, technical support, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance and evaluation of any healthcare information system project), 3 (Categorize organizational and behavioral factors that can affect system acceptance and use), and 4 (Report strategies for managing change.)

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Read the grading rubric (below) carefully.
  2. After completion and reflection upon the case study group project, please compose a formal paper (no longer than two pages excluding the cover page).
  3. This Reflection Paper should be an essay of your thoughts about the case study group project assignment. It should consist of your personal insights, experiences, and beliefs about what lessons learned from involvement in the project.
  4. Please include reflections related to learning about the group/teamwork approach. Speak to specific skills learned from the collaborative process.
  5. The Reflection Paper should also illustrate your understanding of the material learned and how what you learned will affect your ideas and future practice.
  6. Use first person point of view.
  7. At a minimum, the Reflection Paper structure should include an opening paragraph, main body, and a conclusion. (Personally, sometimes it is easier to write the main body of a paper before the opening and closing paragraphs).
  8. Include both in-text citations and a reference page for any material cited, making sure to use APA formatting.
  9. Since this assignment is a formal paper, please follow APA formatting rules.  
  10. Please note the paper will also be automatically submitted to the Safe Assign plagiarism software.
  11. Submit this assignment as a Word document, using the link found within the Week 6 Learning Activities Folder.

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