Week 1 discussion | Accounting homework help


Topic 1:
Major tax reform that affects both individuals and businesses was enacted in December 2017. It’s commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, TCJA or tax reform.  Based on readings in your textbook and an article from the KU library, describe the tax history and main objectives of the U.S. tax law.  Analyze one of the provisions from the TCJA and explain how it differs from pre-TCJA tax law.  Do you believe this change in tax law does a better job of meeting the intended overall objective of U.S. tax law?  Do not forget to note your source and in-text citation in APA format. 

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Topic 2:
You are a CPA paid to prepare tax returns for various clients.  One of your newest clients is a “blended family”. Both adults are separated and each claims Head of household filing status. Each taxpayer also claims a different child for the HOH status. All individuals in this family use the same address.  Discuss how you would handle this situation.  Be sure to support your comments with information you find in the KU library and/or in the IRS code.

Do not forget to make your posts to the other topic this week. 


Class discussions and participation are required as part of your learning experience. These discussions are designed to have you participate in the learning process and enhance your understanding of the course material by interacting with the instructor and other students. Using proper business English, post your answers/opinions using at least 1 resource from the KU library (link above) for each topic given and comment on your classmates’ posts. Make sure you have noted your source in proper APA format.

Participation Requirements: The minimum number of posts this week is a total of 3 substantive (4-5 sentences each) posts for the week on 3 different days.  Initial posts to each topic given are due no later than Wednesday.  You must post to each initial topic and for your 3rd required post you may post to either topic given. 

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