Thirty patients who check out of the rock creek county regional

      Thirty patients who check out of the Rock Creek County Regional   Hospital each week are asked to complete a questionnaire about hospital   service. Since patients do not feel well when they are in the hospital, they   typically are very critical of the service. The number of patients who   indicated dissatisfaction of any kind with the service for each 30-patient   sample for a 16-week period is as follows:   Sample Number of Dissatisfied Patients   1 6   2 3   3 10   4 7   5 2   6 9   7 11   8 7   9 6   10 6   11 5   12 3   13 2   14 8   15 12   16 8   Construct a   control chart to monitor customer satisfaction at the hospital using 3s   limits and determine if the process is in control.    

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