The great fashion designers term project part b


Term Project: Part B
Part B: Store floor Layout & Display of each designer dept.: 

There is to be a floor layout/plan display that includes the 3 designer departments, a written and visual description. 

A) The display in each dept. is to be clearly described and displayed. The visual section may be a sketch, photo or collage. 

 Please refer to visual examples on Store and Department Layout Plans posted in Course Information and also coped below.

B) It is to be accompanied by a written description on store layout and each designer department. o Length: 2+ pages: 500-600 words. APA Format. Please refer to links below on 


1APA STYLE: Written submission must follow the APA-style. Here is a useful link to ensure you follow these guidelines: 

Sample of APA Style Paper: (To view sample below, you must first log into our Berkeley Library Online.) 

Sample APA Style Paper(1).pdf 

Excerpt from: Store Layout from Additional Info on Developing Term Project, P. 2, posted in Course Information with Term Project to help you. 

* “Store Layout: You may use images and/or sketches. Sketches may be easily scanned, saved as .jpeg (picture) and pasted into a Word Document. They may be combined with images. It is all about visual merchandise. Research store layouts online for numerous examples. 

The Store Layout and Department for each designer is to be described in written format with all details. You will provide image(s) to substantiate, support the written content.” 

Remember, all images used must have the source link cited. 

I’ve attached points to remember and a screenshot of some additional directions to aid below 

please note for part b you are not stocking the store with merchandise yet that is in part c they just reference it so that you keep in mind that however, you design the store that’s how you will display and stock clothes

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