The expansion of europe | Ancient history homework help

The title of chapter 8 is “The Expansion of Europe, 950-1100.” Using this as a frame of reference write an essay addressing the following: Is the term feudalism still useful as a historical concept or has it become a misleading myth? What problems did it solve, and what others did does it create? In the High Middle Ages, what relationships do you see between economic growth and political power? For example what do we know about the growth of towns and trade. Between economic growth and technological achievements? Be sure to cite ideas, places, and people. Finally, spend a few paragraphs on one and just one of the following topics:
1) How does the development of England from Anglo-Saxon times to roughly the 13th century exemplify the emergence of a Medieval state and society? or
2) Spain (Iberia) during the Middle Ages experienced war, religious passion, co-existence, and cultural achievements. What made Spain unique in the Middle Ages? Why is it important to know the story of al-Andulus?
1,200-1,800 words

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