Research essay over fiction story


So I need to have a research essay over any fiction story the essay It self will need to be 2000 words with 10-15 credible sources from a reliable database not google!! The paper needs to be in times new roman double spaced 12pt font. It will also need to include all the following things: 

  1. A clear, argument-driven thesis that shows understanding of the concepts we discussed in class.
  2. Professional and appropriate language.
  3. Evidence that the paper has been carefully revised (i.e.: little or no grammatical errors and stylistic issues).
  4. An organized, logical structure.
  5. Transitioning topic sentences.
  6. Paragraphs that are united by a single, big idea.
  7. Evidence that the student understands the argument being presented on the source material.

Separate from the paper I will also need an abstract (which is due tomorrow (07/24/2020 in exactly 10 hours)) the abstract will need to be 1-2 pages and I have attached an example 

I will also need an annotated bibliography with all 10 sources! also attached an example! 

I have attached 3 examples of the research paper, I also attached an example of the annotated bibliography and 2 examples of the abstract. 

Thank You so much!

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