Qnt 561 final exam – new

QNT 561 Final Exam - New

1.      The mean gas mileage for a hybrid car is 56 miles per gallon. Suppose that the gasoline mileage is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 3.2 miles per gallon.
2.      What conditions must n satisfy to make the x2 test valid?
3.      To use the t-statistic to test for a difference between the means of two populations, what assumptions must be made about the two populations? About the two samples?
4.      Studies of managers from two countries in the 1970s found sharp differences of opinion toward quality management. To find out if these differences continue to exist, researchers surveyed 100 managers in each country in the electronics manufacturing industry. The accompanying table gives the percentages of managers from each country who agree with each of 10 randomly selected statements regarding quality. Complete parts a through c.
5.      Consider the horizandal box plot shown to the right.
6.      A random sample of 100 observations from a population with standard deviation 58 yielded a sample mean 111. Complete parts a through c.
7.      Graph the relative frequency histogram for the 300 measurements summarized in the relative frequency table to the right.
8.      Each month interviewrs visit about 69,000 of the 93 million households in the region and question the occupants over 18 years of age about their educational status. Their responses enable the interviewers to estimate the percentage of people in the labor force who are college educated. Complete parts a through c.
9.      School bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour that occurs when a student repeatedly to nagative actions from another student. In oredr to study the effectiveness of an antibullying policy at elementary schools, a survey of over 2,000 elementary school children was conducted. Each student was asked if he or she ever bullied another student. In a sample of 1358 boys, 745 claimed they had never bullied another student. In a sample of 1379 girls, 966 claimed they had never bullied another student. Complete parts a through f below.
10.  A study analyzes recent incidents involving terrorist attcks. Data on the number of individual suicide bombings that occurred in each of 20 sampled terrorist group attacks against a country is reproduced in the data table below. An EXCEL/DXL printout is shown to the right. Complete parts a through e.
11.  Educators are constantly evaluating the efficacy of public schools in the education and training of students. One quantitative assessment of change over time is the difference in scores on the SAT. The table below contains the average SAT scores for the years 1988 and 2005.
12.  Each child in a sample of 62 low-income was administrated a language and communication exam. The sentence complexity scores had a mean of 7.63 and a standard deviation of 8.92. Complete parts a through d.
13.  Suppose a consumer group rated 49 brands of toothpaste based on whether or not the brand carries an American Dental Association (ADA) seal verifying effective decay prevetion. The results of a hypothesis test for the proportion of brands with the seal are shown to the right. Complete parts a through c.
14.  A university conducted a study on 446 business graduates who had all completed the same business course. The study used correlation coefficients to investigate the relationship between many different business skills. Two of the many variable measured were self-knowledge skill level (x) and goalsetting ability (y). The correlation coefficient was r = 0.82. Complete parts a through c below.
15.  Reference from the doc file of mentioned r value
16.  Five banks have been ranked by the amount charged to credit and debit cards issued by the banks. The table to the right gives the total amount charged in 2007 for the top ranked banks.
17.  Which hypothesis, the null or the alternative, is the status-quo hypothesis?
18.  A study was done to examine whether the perception of service quality at hotels differd by gender. Hotel guests were randomly selected to rate service items on a 5-point scale. The sum of the items for each guest was determined and a summary of the guest scores are provided in the table. Complete parts a and b.
19.  Identify the problem(s) in the residual plots shown below.
20.  A university economist conducted a study of elementary school llunch menus. During the state-mandated testing period, school lunches averaged 873 calories. The economist claimed that after the testing period ended, the average caloric content of the school lunches increased significantly. Set up the null and alternative hypothesis to test the economist’s claim.
21.  Compare the z-scores to decide which of the x values below lie the greatest distance above the mean and the greatest distance below the mean.
22.  In one university, language professors incorporated a 10-week extensive reading program to improve students’ Japanese reading comprehension. The professors collected 283 books written for Japanese children and required their students to read at least 40 of them as part of the grade in the course. The books were categorized into reading levels (color-coded for easy selection) according to length and complexity. Complete parts a through c.
23.  Researchers investigated the effect of tablet surface area to volume on the rate at which a drug is released in a controlled-release dosage. For six similarly shaped tablets with different weights and thicknesses, the diffusional drug release rate (percentage of drug released divided by the square root of time) was determined. The experimental data are listed in the table. Complete parts a through d.
24.  To determine if winning a certain award leads to a change in life expectancy, researchers sampled 748 award winners and matched each one with another person of the same sex who was in the same profession and was born in the same era. The lifespan of each pair was compared. Complete parts a through c below.
25.  Many entrepreneurs have donated money to various causes. Data on the total amount pledged and remaining net worth for the 10 top donors are given in the table. Complete parts a through d.
26.  When planning for a new forest road to be used for tree harvesting, planners must select the location to minimize tractor skidding distance. The skidding distances (in meters) were measured at 20 randomly selected road sites. The data are given below. A logger working on the road claims the mean skidding distance is atleast 413 meters. Is there sufficient evidence to refute this claim? Use ? = 0.10.
27.  Consider the pairs of measurements shown to the right.
28.  For the ? and observed significance level (p-value) pair, indicate whether the null hypothesis would be rejected.
29.  Researchers conducted a survey of a representative sample of over 1,000 drivers. Based on how often each driver engaged in road rage behaviour, a road score was given. The drivers were also grouped by annual income. The data were subjected to an analysis of variance, with the results summarized in the table.
There has been a recent trend for sports franchises in baseball, football, basketball and hockey to build new stadiums and ballparks in urban, downtown venues. A magazine investigated whether there has been a significant suburban-to-urban shift in the location of major sport facilities. In 1985 40% of all major sports facilities were located downtown, 30% in central city, and 30% in suburban areas. In contrast, of the 122 major sports franchises that existed in 1997, 65 were built downtown 28 in a central city, and 29 in a suburban area. Complete parts a through e.

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