Programming python 2.7 – design a modularized body mass index program

  • Design a modularized Body Mass Index (BMI) Program in Python 2.7 which will calculate the BMI of the user. The formula to calculate the BMI is as follows:  

    BMI = Weight *703/Height^2

    Your program design must contain the following:

    • A method named getWeight to obtain the weight of a player
    • A method named getHeight to obtain the height of a player
    • A method named calculateBMI to calculate the BMI of a player
    • A method named displayBMI to display the calculated BMI
    • A main method (the last link I pasted above in the reading assignment should help you with this part)

Guide on how to complete the assignment

So, for the assignment everything starts in the main method. You will need to start by creating three variables within the main: userWeight, userHeight, and BMI). Set the value for each to 0. Then, call the getWeight function and pass the userWeight variable as a parameter. In that function, ask the user to enter their weight. Use the input function to do this and store the result in a variable called whatever you want (e.g. userWeight). The following site shows how to use the input function: The last thing you will need to do in getWeight is return the weight variable back to the main method using the return keyword (this is in the reading material). Then, from the main method again, call the getHeight function and pass the userHeight variable. In that function, ask the user to enter their height. Store the result in the userHeight variable and return it back to the main (the same way you did in userWeight). Now, you can calculate the BMI. From the main method, call calculateBMI but you will need to pass the height and weight variables (userHeight and userWeight) as well as the BMI variable (BMI). In calculateBMI, use the formula above to calculate the BMI and store the result in the BMI variable. Return the BMI variable to the main method. Now that you’re back in the main method, all you have left to do is output the result. Call displayBMI and pass the BMI variable as a parameter. In displayBMI, output the BMI variable using a simple print statement.

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