Process of preparing a strategic it plan (due 13 feb) (5 pages) (5


1) APA 6th Ed format

2 ) Due 13 Feb

3) 5 Pages minimum (not including title page and references)

4) Minimum of 6 References (4 included)

5) Plagiarism-Free 


-Background (Attached)

-CIO and Leader. (2017, October 29). Developing an IT strategy for 2019-20 [Video]. Youtube.

-Duke University. (2017, June 29). IT strategy [Video]. YouTube.

-MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Videos. (2019, June 3). 2019-15 Co-evolving is the future of IT strategy [Video]. YouTube.

-Weill, P., & Woerner, S. (2013). The future of the CIO in a digital economy, MIS Quarterly Executive, 12(2), 65–75. (Attached) 


When you have completed the background readings and videos compose a 5-page paper on the topic:

Prepare a description of the process for an Information Technology Executive in preparing a strategic IT Plan. The emphasis here is on the process of preparing the plan and how this process results in commitment to the plan.

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