Postmodern perspective of google culture – 3000 words, i already have

I have already started writing my essay, section 1 so the introduction is done.
That means I need 2600 words for below parts:

1)  DONE – Introduction to the essay and rationale for the choice of organisation [10%] – done

2)  A brief section justifying your choice of theoretical perspective: either the symbolic or the contemporary and how this impacts on your writing approach [20%]

  why this theme, why this perspective, make sure that you use literature links to your perspective  

3)  A critical literature review on the one theme that you consider to have the greatest importance for that organisation, using either the symbolic or the contemporary theoretical perspective as your context [20%]

Definition of the perspective, what arguments strengthen your choice. Underpinning the discussion on the topic. 

4)  Critical evaluation of the practices/behaviours of the case organisation in relation to the selected theme through critical application of the reviewed theories [30%] 

 in relation to the theme, but also it’s application to the company. Literature arguments in relation to the organisation that we chosen. Balanced reasoning, it’s not one sided, linking together the behaviour of the case organisation

 Just 2 examples from google practices

5)  Conclusions [10%] 

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