Pol 310 week 4 quiz ~ ( latest syllabus – updated dec, 2014 – perfect

Question 1.The Multiple Use-Sustained Yield Act reflects which land policy orientation? 

  •   Preservation   
  •   Unlimited exploitation   
  •   Conservation   
  •   Ecosystem rights   

Question 2.This federal agency manages the largest amount of public land in the country. 

  •   U.S. Forest Service   
  •   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service   
  •   National Park Service   
  •   Bureau of Land Management   

Question 3.During the early years of Western settlement, part of the federal government’s disposal efforts included gifts of land to new states. These were called: 

  •   parks.   
  •   land grants.   
  •   homesteads.   
  •   forest reserves.   

Question 4.Suspension of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule has led to: 

  •   many states that are unsure about how to manage their roadless lands.   
  •   all 50 states developing sophisticated management plans for roadless areas.   
  •   the development of roads in most formerly roadless areas.   
  •   an international treaty.   

Question 5.John Muir advocated a position that emphasized the intrinsic, aesthetic, and spiritual values of wild places, and he advocated keeping the natural world pristine. This position is known as: 

  •  : preservation.   
  •   conservation.   
  •   ecosystem rights.   
  •   unlimited exploitation.

Question 6.According to the E.S.A., all federal agencies are required to do this before taking any action that might affect the habitat of a listed species:

  •   Consult with the F.W.S.   
  •   Petition for a de-listing   
  •   Participate in the Forest Stewardship Program   
  •   Consult C.I.T.E.S. to ensure consistency with its framework   

Question 7.The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system. It is an example of:

  •   habitat fragmentation.   
  •   a benthic ecosystem.   
  •   the Noah Principle.   
  •   the Green Revolution.   

Question 8.Places where biological communities interact with their non-living aquatic environment are known as: 

  •   species obligate.   
  •   biodiversity hotspots.   
  •   benthic ecosystems.   
  •   critical habitat. 

Question 9.Some people believe that the E.S.A. has been ineffective. All of the following support this position, except: 

  •   slow recovery for listed species.   
  •   species that are listed rarely go extinct.   
  •   inconclusive causality between recovered species and the provisions of the E.S.A.   
  •   increased extinctions of listed species.  

Question 10.Some persons in the United States would like to ensure the preservation of the cheetah, which is not native to the United States. The cheetah is designated as an endangered species in C.I.T.E.S. The following statements are true with respect to persons in the United States who are interested in protecting the cheetah, except:: 

  • They cannot do anything to preserve the cheetah, because the United States has no jurisdiction in native cheetah lands.   
  • They can support a non-profit organization that works to preserve the cheetah.   
  • They can know that U.S. domestic laws protect the cheetah, because the U.S. is a party to C.I.T.E.S. and it must have domestic laws that reflect C.I.T.E.S. commitments.   
  • They can report any trade in cheetah parts (e.g., fur) as a criminal violation.    

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