Pathophysiological discussion | Nursing homework help


Pathophysiological Discussion: One scholarly article must be cited using APA format. The textbook may also be used as a secondary source. The reference list should be included with the summary of the article. The patient is suffering from Bipolar. (No plagiarism)

1.  Discuss the current disease process: (Bipolar)

2. Discuss the etiology of the patient’s illness: (Bipolar)

3. Note the complications that may occur with treatments and the patient’s overall prognosis:

4. Attach a research article pertaining to the diagnosis of a patient. Write a summary about the article and include a reference list:

5. Stage of Development: (Erikson’s Stage of Development, describe the current stage of the client and previous stages that the client may not have successfully completed) Client is 21 years old.

6. Support System

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