Non-relational database systems | Computer Science homework help

Using search engines,  find one (1) recent PEER REVIEWED ACADEMIC ARTICLE involving NON-RELATIONAL DATABASES. Describe the role of NON-RELATIONAL DATABASES in the text using your own words.  Here is an example of an article citation as I would expect to see it in your write up. The writeup for your citation should be at least one paragraph long (7-9 sentences). 

Source Example:

Matallah, H., Belalem, G., & Bouamrane, K. (2020). Evaluation of NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, Couchbase, OrientDB.  International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence (IJSSCI)12(4), 71-91.

This is NOT a general paper on what is a database management system. 

  • The paper should equal about 1-2  pages in length, double spaced, 12 point font Times New Roman.
  • Your paper must contain a UNIQUE topic (see example above). 
  • Your paper must contain a MINIMUM of three unique academic journal articles and research sources. Blogs, Wikis, and Online News Sources will NOT be accepted. 
  • You must cite all references using APA 7 format and apply APA Style throughout the entire paper. 10% of your grade is based on APA Style.
  • You must spell check / grammar check your paper. 10% of your grade is based on following this criteria. 

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