Name a managed information process (or a process that requires a

Assignment is to name a managed information process (or a process that requires a robust information system to properly function), and present a way to improve that process. This can include hiring in a new vendor to replace the current one, or by implementing a new strategy that employs state of the art MIS tools and applications. You will need to show how you have evaluated the need and used significant quantitative research to come to a well-reasoned decision. Part of your decision is based on the business health of the company you’ve chosen to focus on, and what recommendations you might make to both improve the health of that company, as well as improve the way you might alter a typical engagement for your company. NOTE: You can use AMAT as the company. Your paper should include the following sections History What did companies use before, and what was the evolution of the product /service What is the current state of the service Where is the next step in the service offering Product / Service — What is the service/product and who are the major players List top providers What specific problems are solved and what is the value of that to the customer/business Compare and contrast top two competitors (pick public companies) Economic (served market size, revenue, profit, margin, stock capitalization) Provider Strategy Discuss Strategic Positioning How are they similar, how are they different? Consumer Strategy How do consumers use this product differently to gain an edge? Standard SWOT analysis Recommendations & Conclusion PAPER FORMAT: APA compliant, Times Roman 12 Point font, double spaced. Approximately 4-6 pages.

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