Module 3 discussion board- making the complex understandable


Module 3 DB Overview: In today’s society, information is often overwhelmingly plentiful. How would they go about finding exactly the information they would need? Can you imagine the possible challenges here?

One of the competencies Health Educators perform is to evaluate resources for the people they serve, and to translate the information from these resources into useable, relevant information that meets the needs of any individual or community. In DB3, we are going to practice how to translate complex information into understandable and usable information for a specific audience (elders), discuss the challenges of doing so, and share ideas with one another for how to meet these challenges.

Module 3 DB Instructions:

1. To complete this discussion board (DB) you will first need to have read the three resources provided in the Guidelines for Health Resources – Readings for Module 3 DB. The website is a list of resources for seniors.

2. For your Initial Post. You may pretend you are working with your interviewee from FE1 or pretend you are working with one of these people (pick only one – a, b, or c): a) A senior living alone; b) A senior living with a health issue, such as, diabetes or heart disease; or c) A person who is caring for their family member who has dementia. For your first post include all of the following: 

  • Identify two  relevant resources from the website’s list of resources for your chosen elder. Talk specifically about how or why these two resources are  relevant for your chosen older adult. 
  • Describe what specific points of information from the two resources from list you would highlight for the person you chose and why.
  • Next, describe what in particular is complex about the information and how you would you help make this information easy to understand/relevant to the person/persons you are working with. 
  • Finally, talk a little bit about how you applied the information from the readings in making your choice of websites and simplifying the information to share with your chosen senior. 

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