Mha5010 week 4 discussion and project


In Week 4, you will discuss the conflict that occurs when an individual or a group feels that it is negatively affected by another individual or group.

You will also be discussing the differences between intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict. Next, you will focus on the group dynamics that attempts to understand the behavior in which people interact, influence, and are influenced by others within groups.

Finally, you will talk about teams that are small groups of people committed to a common purpose. The team members possess complimentary skills and have agreed on specific performance goals for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Your Learning Objectives for the Unit:

  •  Evaluate the differences between organizational theory, organizational development, and human resources management in healthcare.
  •  Analyze the implementation and usage of current management strategies within healthcare organizations. 
  •  Compare and contrast leadership theories, and assess which theory is most effective.
  • Identify the basic conflicts, evaluate the conflict handling modes, and apply the major negotiation models to specific cases.
  •  Analyze the common characteristics of successful teams and potential barriers within healthcare organizations.
  •  Analyze the processes of implementing change and how to overcome barriers to the change.

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