Media/product consumption analysis | Sociology homework help


The content of this work is based upon your lists from Task 2A work. 

PART 1:  Make one more list of cultural groups into which you think the media might categorize you based upon your consumer behavior (both products and media content). For example, if you wear sweat pants, Nike shoes and a t-shirt, would that indicate that you are an athlete? If you watch a lot of football (because another member of your family controls the TV) you would still put sports fan on your culture list list because media do not know you watched because of someone else. Or, maybe your food list indicates you are a vegetarian (whether you are or not) because you happened to NOT eat meat that day? Does your list  identify you as feminine/female? Masculine/male? Both? Are you religious? Do you love cats? These are just examples of how to evaluate your lists.

PART 2: Discuss whether you believe your consumption (media and products) and your cultural-consumption profile is consistent with your self-perception (who you think you are). 

PART 3: Review your product consumption list. Are their items you can cross off because you don’t really need them (list them)? Are you over consuming? Do you find you purchase more food than you can eat (throwing away food that’s been in the fridge too long). Do you find your closets are stuffed or that you have too much stuff?

PART 4: Review your media consumption. How much of your media consumption time is active and purposeful. And how much is mindless and a waste? What is the ratio of screen time (tv, videos, computer, gaming) to non-screen time in your life?

PART 5: Write a reflection on your findings and your experience actively/consciously documenting your consumption. 

Some (but not all) questions to think about: 

  • If someone never met you and only had a look at your lists, what would they presume about you based upon your consumption?
  • Do you find you have brand loyalty?- if so why? 
  • Do you want to consume more or less of certain types of media? 
  • Do you think your media consumption has changed in the pandemic? 
  • Do you rely more on media now than before quarantine?
  • Do you use digital media to get your news or to escape?
  • Do you use some products because you were raised using those products?
  • Are there any products or media you consume that you would define as specific to a culture you belong to? 
  • Have you ever utilized an app or other strategy to limit your screen time? 
  • Is there anyone you would NOT like to have see your list and for what reason? What would you change if your boss, guardian, or partner was to see your list?
  • If you could do the assignment again what practices would you try to change?

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