Marketing project: breakfast cereal manufacturer – market research m5

Refer to the cereal company scenario described (BOTH DOCS ATTACHED BELOW) in Module 4 in which you are to assume that a breakfast cereal manufacturer wants to learn more about the breakfast habits and preferences of the general population so that, as they evaluate marketing opportunities in different metropolitan areas, they will be better able to predict the success of different approaches to their marketing mix. You have decided to use a survey to gather the data you need.

As part of the project, you would like to test several hypotheses you have developed regarding the company’s marketing mix.  Your marketing research firm’s manager has asked for certain details of your plan for the project. Your response must include:

  1. An explanation of the advantages and the disadvantages of survey methods.
  2. A description of the situational characteristics, the task characteristics and the respondent characteristics that are factors that should be considered when selecting the survey research design for a marketing research project. 
  3. Your recommendation for use of either a person-administered survey method, a telephone-administered survey method, an e-mail survey, or an Internet survey method and the justification for your choice.  
  4. Statements of each of the four hypotheses to be tested (one for each element of the marketing mix).
  5. A statement of the null hypothesis to accompany each hypothesis statement.
  6. An explanation of the benefits of hypothesis testing.
  7. A description of the statistical technique that should be used for testing each of the hypotheses and an explanation of why that technique should be used.
  8. An example or description of a perceptual map and a supported recommendation of whether perceptual mapping should be part of the project.

Write a 6- to 8-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work.

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