Journal week 1 – introduction | Blockchain and Crypcurr

Book attached


In chapter 1, the author presents several use cases for blockchain technology. Describe the use case that aligns most closely with your current job role, including how blockchain technology would change things that you currently do in your job. If you are not working in a job role that aligns nicely with a use case presented in chapter 1, describe a job role that you would like to hold after finishing your degree program, and how blockchain technology may affect those job functions.    

Note: working as a Business Analyst in Information Technology. 

 Strictly follow the instruction. 

  • APA format.
  • References are required
  • Begin with a title page (1)
  • Introduction Page (2)
  • Express your thoughts and the main theme of this paper
  •  Conclusion
  •  Reference list

some of the example from chapter one topic


  • Decentralization
  • Security–
  • Sensitive data storage

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