Journal article on profits | Statistics homework help


Use the given Sample data for profits made by Car Dealers and follow the instructions below: 


1. Run a regression using the given data. (With Profit as the dependent variable and Dealership 

Store size as the independent variable) 

2. Compare the results of question (1) with another regression equation obtained by regressing the 

Profit on the variables : Sedan Sales and Suv sales. 

3. Which of the models do you prefer? Why? 

4. Interpret your results for (1) and (2). 

5. In writing your paper, you should start by indicating the objectives of the study and value 

addition thereof from the business context. Also, discuss the methodology and conclusions. 

**Range: 5 pages + Excel printout results** 

**You can use EXCEL or any other software** 

** You need to include your printout in your submissions** 

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