Initial discussion | Sociology homework help

 two pargraph with 2 reference and intext citation 

Initial Post Instructions
When traveling to other countries, it is important to know the male/female roles in each country. Not knowing these roles could cause problems in discussions that impact the quality of their experience, or your ability to care for them properly.

If you were helping a person from Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Brazil, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Russia, or Rwanda, what would you need to know about the traditional male/female roles? Search the Internet for one or more of the above countries to find out about male/female roles.

Consider your research prompt using one of the following perspectives:

  • Traveling for business
  • Working with patients and clients

Share your findings with the class.

  • How would this information influence your interactions with people of that country?
  • What would you do to improve communication with those people?

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