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Information Security Planning


This project requires that students work with the VirtualBox installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit that was developed in Project 1.

I. Access Control Implementation

Within the VirtualBox Microsoft Windows Server 2012 virtual server that was developed in Project 1, determine and implement a minimum of five Defense in Depth Access Controls.

II. Microsoft Baseline Seucrity Analyzer

Download the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer: or retrieve a copy of the software from the ‘C:Software’ folder.

Following the instructions outlined in the following video, execute a scan and Analyze the Security Report that is generated:

Mitigate any results that were flagged with a ‘Severe Risk’ score and then re-run the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer tool until all ‘Severe Risk’ results have been mitigated.

III. Validation

· Part I: In a Microsoft Word document, paste screenshots validating that each outlined controls was fully implemented within the virtual server installation.

· Part II: Within the same Microsoft Word document as utilized for the previous validation requirements, add the Security Report from the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer software.

Attach the Microsoft Word document to the Blackboard Submission for this assignment.

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