Information assurance (issc 361): research paper outline | Information Assurance ISSC 361 | American Military University

Information Assurance ISSC 361

Requirements for this assignment: An outline for 12 page research paper.  The Outline and references need to be in APA style, and properly formatted.

Outline should include:

  • A title page 
  • Topic: The topic I chose is electronic health information safety and security.  The question to be answered is, how do the roles of the health information management career field ensure cybersecurity and the safety of electronic health information?
  • Thesis statement: The roles of Health Information Managers (HIM) are crucial in ensuring cybersecurity and the safety of health information.  They are responsible for the accuracy, security and privacy of patient records.  Health Information Managers maintain, restrict and authorize permission access to electronic health information.
  • Headings with all areas you wish to discuss with a short statement describing the extent of your planned discussion.
  • Reference page- with at least 5 of the required final product references you plan to include in final paper

Research paper requirements…At a minimum include the following :

  • Detailed description of the area researched
  • Technology involved in the area
  • Future trends in the area
  • Example companies involved in the area
  • Regulatory issues surrounding the area
  • Global implications for the area
  • References (minimum of 10)

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