Infection control | Nursing homework help

 The topic is infection control 

Choose a topic you can cover well in about 15 – 20 minutes. Prepare! You must be well versed in your topic as you will get questions from your peers. The presentation should include at least 3 learning objectives included in an organized, thoughtful teaching presentation outline to hand out to your audience (can either be in outline format or a PPT outline). You will need a visual (such as PPT, Kahoot!, quizzes, handouts, etc.- cannot solely include a pre-made visual such as a YouTube video). 


Includes 3  learning objectives, proper grammar & spelling, clear outline/easy to follow.

 Implications for Nursing   Practice (content must be  related to nursing practice,   include topics such as patient safety, nursing priorities, nursing   interventions, etc. 

 Reference List in APA format 


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