Industrial site location report | Management homework help

Prepare a professional report like you were an industrial site selector that uses data-driven empirical analysis to recommend an industrial location. (Unless you have access to ESRI Business Analyst, I recommend against using a retailer from your site selection report).  Report template


Select a case from one of these industries:

  • Packaged-Food Manufacturing
  • Communications Equipment Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Carbonated Beverage Manufacturing

If you work for a company/industry and would like to examine a different industry, let me know. 

Be sure to explain why you are making recommendations.  Support/justify recommendations

1) Complete a Project Requirements Questionnaire

Actions (pg. 20-27 in the textbook) as best you can without engineering knowledge.

2) Use the project drivers from the questionnaire to develop a screening process to select potential sites.

3) Identify two potential sites for consideration

1.Identify economic development incentives which might apply

2.Specific real estate location

ED 620 Location Analysis Grading Criteria.docx

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