In two paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this reading pp.


o, we are shifting gears a bit and moving into some fiction pieces. To prepare for those texts and authors, the editors are providing some background and context in “American Literature 1820-1865.”

In two paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this reading pp. 489-507 (6-7 sentences per paragraph, including brief quotes in MLA format – no Works Cited required).

Additionally, compose two paragraphs that identify two important points or new pieces of information revealed by the editors – a new fact, interesting detail, etc. (so, one paragraph per point, 6-7 sentences). Provide information (quotes!) from the piece to support your ideas.

Finally, create two thought-provoking questions for your colleagues to answer by Friday of this week!!! Remember we want these questions to push our thinking, rather than landing on a simple yes or no response. Strive for a question that does not necessarily have a clear, singular answer, but pushes your colleagues to consider their own ideas and understandings of the topic you reference.

Your initial response is due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, 6/24.
Your responses to TWO colleagues are due by 11:59 pm on Friday, 6/26.

I will upload the text for this assignment, pp. 489-507.

Please, include in-text citation and brief quotes in MLA format from the text I will upload and if you like other source(s).

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