Homework 6 p1-2a | Accounting homework help

P1-2A  On August 31, the statement of financial position of Nashville Veterinary Clinic showed Cash $9,000 Accounts Receivable $1,700, Supplies $600, Office Equipment $6,000,Accounts payable $3,600, Share capital $13,000, and Retained Earnings $700. During September the following transactions occurred.


1.    Paid $2,900 cash for accounts payable due.

2.    Collected $1,300 of accounts receivable.

3.    Purchased additional office equipment for $2,100, paying $800 in cash and the balance on account.

4.    Earned revenue of $8,000, of which $2,500 is paid in cash and the balance is due in October.

5.    Declared and paid a $1,000 cash dividend.

6.    Paid salaries $1,700 rent for September $900 and advertising expense $300.

7.    Incurred utilities expense for month on account $170.

8.    Received $10,000 form Capital Bank on a o-month note payable.

(a) Prepare a tabular analysis of the September transactions beginning with August balances. The column headings should be as follows :Cash + Accounts Receivable + Supplies + Office Equipment = Notes Payable +Accounts Payable + Share Capital-Ordinary +Retained Earnings + Revenues – Expenses – Dividends.

(b) Prepare an income statement for September, a retained earnings statement for September, and a statement of financial position at September 30.

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