History | History homework help

Summarizes the website articles associated with your object or site

the object is the Gatling gun-civil war

  1. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a22451/history-gatling-gun/ 
  2. https://truewestmagazine.com/the-gatling-gun/ 
  3. https://www.aerospaceutah.org/history-of-the-gatling-gun/ 


This website is published by the Library of Congress to make the official proceedings of the U.S. Congress accessible. This is a digitized primary document representing the proceedings of the Thirty-ninth Congress in 1866. “Article XIV,” which is more commonly referred to as the Fourteenth Amendment contains five sections. According to our textbook, Section 1 is considered the most important. It guarantees citizenship to all persons born in the United States which at the time made sure former slaves were citizens. It also guarantees “due process” and “equal protection” to all citizens.

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