Healthwise medical supplies company chapter 9

Tax return 2 is in your textbook. The return is in Chapter 9, C9-58, Healthwise Medical Supplies Company. If you purchased the hard copy of the text you will find it there and if you purchased the online book, you will also find it there. It is towards the end of Chapter 9, Problem C9-58. You are required to prepare the 2012 partnership tax return which is prepared on 2012 forms. I have uploaded all the forms you need to complete this tax return. You will need to include 2012 Form 1065, Schedule D(form 1065), Form 1125-A(use the same form that you used for the corporate tax return), Form  4562 (same one used for the corporate tax return, it’s ok that it’s a 2013 form), Schedule K-1(1065) 

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