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1. Special sessions are called?

  to bring attention to an issue 

  to allow veto overrides 

  all of these are correct 

  both finish items and bring attention to issue 

2. Match the type of committee with a function or trait

House Higher Education, Senate Judicial Affairs.

these are temporary, short-term committees

these are convened between sessions

Calendars and Rules

ad hoc 




3. For reference use chapter 6 of the e-text, and this article (Links to an external site.) if you like

Match the correct term to Texas’ governing leadership during the 2003 Gerrymander Saga

This official arbitrarily removed the 2/3rds rule to bring the redistricting bill to the Senate floor.  

Texas’ _____ used his power over DPS to deploy agents in search of the Democrats.  

Pete Laney, the ______flew to Ardmore OK to join the 50 Democrats.

managing the flow of bills in the “floor” phase is a _____power.

denying parking privileges for Democratic Senators is an _____ power.

Lieutenant Governor 

Texas Speaker of the House 



4.  Unlike the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate has no _____ committee. Instead bills are scheduled in sequential order, unless ____  vote to bring it to the floor.  



No answer text provided.

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