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For your final project I would like you to go to the down below link:

Beyond Meat: Changing Consumer’s Meat Preference.

After signing up as a student you can purchase the case and download it.

After reading the case very carefully I want you to write a minimum 5 page paper, answering the case’s questions:

  1. What is Beyond Meat and why is it considered to be a healthier eating option?
  2. Could the company reach beyond the young clientele demographic to increase sales of its products?
  3. What can Beyond Meat do to shape consumer behavior and preferences regarding eating a plant based meat substitute?

You can also research Beyond Meat using our library’s LIRN databases. Proquest is a very good article database, while STATISTA gives you a wide choice of Statistics of all sorts.

Do not use Wikipedia.

Your submission must be minimum 5 pages long, excluding the abstract and references page.

Write using the APA 7 Edition.

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