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“The first learning objective is to submit a preliminary essay, describing why the service you have agreed to do is ETHICALLY important. You should write 300-1,000 words telling the reader how the work this organization and what the ethical importance of their work is, or, if you are completing the Civic Action Scorecard, which actions you intend to do and why they are ethically important acts. Specifically, you should say what’s ethical about it. Do not just describe what the organization does or Civic Actions are, or why it’s important to you specifically – rather, describe why service of this kind is “the right thing to do.” What is it about doing this service that you think is of greater ethical importance? Why would this service be an ethical thing to do even if you weren’t receiving any academic credit for it? Basically, imagine someone has asked you “What’s so ETHICAL about volunteering to work with this organization or performing these Civic Actions?” and write a brief essay answering exactly that question. This essay will be graded according to the usual 4.5 point scale, according to the clarity and concision of the arguments provided. This essay should be submitted[…]” Excerpt From: Ally. “ Service-Learning Assignment Instructions .” Apple Books.

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