Ethical case study: part 1 and outline of case


Using the topic you selected last week, create an outline of your entire case study (Parts 1-3). Write out Part 1 of your case study in paragraph format and include it before your outline. Part 1 includes:

  • Identify the parties involved, their rights, their responsibilities.
  • Identify the salient ethical and/or legal issues of the case.
  • Identify the relevant factual issues, conceptual issues, social constraints, and any additional information necessary for an accurate understanding of the case.
  • If needed, conduct research about the issue from multiple perspectives and include relevant ethical theory, legal requirements, and technical details about the case to ensure that the case can be solved.


  • Use consistent formatting throughout (12 pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced).
  • Review your paper thoroughly for grammatical issues and typographical errors!
  • Use an APA-style cover page and references.
  • Cite your sources (do not use Wikipedia or Blog, etc.) and list them in a reference page per APA style. 
  • At minimum use 5 resources that are published no more than five years ago. Choose scholarly resources (i.e., peer-reviewed journals), sources from your industry/organization, and (sparingly) the textbook.
  • 3-4 pages including Part 1 and your outline (single-spaced, not including cover page and references).

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