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In the documentary National Geographic (2007). Global warming 101 there are many consequences of global warming. The two that caught my attention the most are severe drought and its effect on different species that are unable to adapt to the climate change. What are their predicted outcomes on environmental and human health? According to Ternberth et al. (2014) Climate change is adding heat to the climate which causes our land to dry, this will make droughts longer and more intense. Droughts will have an adverse result on plants and tree and also affect the wildlife associated with them.  Research by Engelhaupt (2009) use polar bears as example of adverse effects due to wild life as a result in climate change, which cause them to alter their dietary habits and consume more contaminants. This in turn passes it onto the humans in the region that really on them as a food source. Whether through drought or wildlife global warming will cause an adverse effect on the world’s food supply.

           What strategies are the United States and the world using to combat global warming?  According to Fuglestvedt et al. (2018) 195 countries reached The Paris agreement with a plan to keep global warm increase in temperature under 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. They plan to do this by reducing greenhouse emissions through industry, agriculture and domestic means. In my opinion this will be difficult to accomplish, our society depends too much on fossil fuels for manufacturing and day to day domestic travel. I don’t believe enough will be done until there is a suitable replacement for fossil fuels that also doesn’t increase greenhouse emissions. Our dependence on fossil fuels will always be in an issue in regards to global warming.


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