Discussion forum 1 | ASH101 | Ashford University

 Reflective thinking is an important learning strategy. It forces you to think about what you did well and where you fell short of meeting expectations. When you do that, you can learn and grow from experiences. In this forum, you will reflect on what you have learned from your efforts on the Week 2 paper. As you respond to your peers, you will review their work in Folio and exchange useful advice. This forum is an opportunity for peer-to-peer support; therefore, your instructor will not be participating in the forum but will be reading your responses and providing feedback within the gradebook.  



In your initial discussion forum post,


  • Identify a specific element of your Week 2 paper you would like targeted feedback from your classmates.
  • Describe what you plan to do differently based on what you found challenging as you planned and completed the Week 2 paper.
  • Explain how reflecting on your planning and performance of the Week 2 paper might help you in the development and achievement of your Personal Development Plan final project.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words 

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