Case 2 | Management homework help


Prepare responses to the following questions:

1) What factors should Bisbee consider as she makes her decision?

2) How has the industry changed over time?

3) Who are DonorsChoose’s key stakeholders?  What are their priorities?

4) What elements of the promotional mix is DonorsChoose leveraging most effectively?

5) How has the DonorsChoose brand evolved over time?  What factors might have contributed to that evolution?

6) What insights are provided by the agency data?

7) What should Bisbee do?  What would be involved in implementing such a change?  What “levers” are available to Bisbee?  What are the best possible combinations?

In your response to these questions, be as thorough as possible.  In case analysis, you always want to support your answers with a cited source.  In addition, utilize material from Chapters 1-7 in your response.

 Your paper should be a minimum of five pages – APA formatted paper.  

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