Bus 508 final exam | Accounting homework help

1. A(n) ________ is a structured grouping of people working together to achieve common goals.

2. Which of the following job titles is an example of a staff position?

3. ________ planning guides the current and near-term activities required to implement overall strategies.

4. Organization charts are the visual indication of a firm’s ________.

5. Which of the following is an example of on-the-job training?

6. A complaint that management is violating a provision of a union contract often results in ________.

7. The Fair Labor Standards Act ________.

8. Gain sharing is an employee benefit that provides ________.

9. ________ communication with customers should create goodwill and contribute to customer satisfaction.

10. Concerning the grapevine, all of the following statements are correct EXCEPT:

11. Feedback ________.

12. What is the first step a company should do when responding to a crisis?

13. A firm can monitor quality level output in all of the following ways EXCEPT ________.

14. Implementing a production plan involves all of the following steps EXCEPT ________.

15. A(n) ________can repeat the same tasks numerous times without varying its movement.

16. Which phase of production control determines the amount of all resources needed to produce a certain amount of goods and services?

17. The era in marketing history characterized by the notion that creative advertising would convince consumers to buy a product is known as the ________ era.

18. Personal and interpersonal determinants affect which step(s) in the consumer behavior process?

19. The era in marketing history characterized by the notion that a good product will sell itself is known as the ________ era.

20. The marketing function creates all of the following types of utility EXCEPT ________ utility.

21. Items that consumers purchase frequently, immediately, and with little effort are ________ products.

22. Where does the supply chain end?

23. Jan takes her car to Oil Express for an oil change. This is an example of a(n) ________.

24. Newspapers and magazines use which approach to distribution intensity?

25. Raoul’s job is to make sure that his company’s goods get from the warehouse to retailers in a timely fashion. Raoul’s job involves the ________ function


BUS 508 Final Exam 2

1. A paid, non-personal sales communication usually directed at a large number of potential buyers

2. The process of finalizing a sale is the ________.

3. In breakeven analysis, total cost is composed of ________.

4. Business costs that remain change with the level of production are called ________ costs.

5. When a firm tries to differentiate its products, it often applies a concept known as

6. An expert system would most likely be used to ________.

7. The person who directs a firm’s management information systems and related computer operations is often called the ________.

8. The largest type of computer system with the most extensive storage capacity and the fastest processing speeds is a ________

9. Which of the following is an application program?

10. Raw facts and figures are ________.

11. All of the following are tangible assets EXCEPT ________.

12. What is the primary role of a government accountant?

13. ________ activities focus on selling goods and services.

14. ________ activities provide the necessary funds to start a business and to expand it after it begins operations

15. The natural progression of a business begins with ________.

16. The ____ is a collection of financial markets in which previously issued securities are traded among investors.

17. The most common type of order is called a ___. It instructs the broker to obtain the best possible price—the highest price when selling and the lowest price when buying.

18. When a company needs capital to purchase inventory, expand a plant, make major investments, acquire another firm, or pursue other business goals, it may sell a bond or stock issue to the investing public. This is done which market?

19. A _____ is a time deposit at a financial institution, such as a commercial bank, savings bank, or credit union.

20. These securities are backed by a pool of mortgage loans purchased from lenders, such as savings banks.

21. Borrowing money ________.

22. All of the following actions result in equity capital EXCEPT ________.

23. In the typical firm, the ________ is the chief accounting manager.

24. When a firm receives goods or services from a supplier and agrees to pay for them at a later date, this arrangement is called ________.

25. All of the following are sources of short-term funds EXCEPT ________.



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