At risk youth agency interview


Population at Risk

  • What is the name of the agency and the location? Operation Safehouse -Riverside and Desert area
  • Make sure to provide a link in the references.
  • Describe the population served by the agency. What are the demographics in terms of age, race, sexual orientation, criminal history, socioeconomic status, religion -if relevant, health issues, etc.?
  • What are the specific needs, issues and vulnerabilities of this population?
  • Using information from at least FOUR sources (agency website, research articles, newspapers), write 2-3 paragraphs providing statistics and more detailed information about the population in general (not just who the agency serves) and the challenges.

Agency Overview

  • In your own words, briefly state what is the history and mission of the agency?
  • What are the main services provided?

Worker Interview

  • What is the full name and title of the worker you interviewed? How long has he/she been with the agency?
  • Describe your interview and the information you learned. DO NOT WRITE IN A Q&A FORMAT. Write this up in paragraphs-essay style. See tips below for how to prepare for the interview.
  • What other observations did you have about the worker?


  • What are three important takeaways you learned from visiting the agency and meeting with a worker?
  • What was the most surprising aspect of the work or population you wrote about?
  • Connect the agency to information you learned in the text. Does it line up with what you read or is it different? Explain how so.
  • How has this assignment impacted you?
  • Provide one way you can use this information in your personal or professional life.

Agency operation Safehouse

Staff Interviewed Latina Connors -see attached word document

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