Advocacy project | Multicultural Counseling | Albany State University

5-8 page paper for multicultural counseling 

Talk about a few barriers that impede the success of students in the beginning. Then, pick ONE barrier to focus on for the rest of the paper. 

The headings for the paragraphs should be the following: 

1. Barriers That Impede Student Success

2. Stakeholders

3. Problem and Diagnosis

4. Treatment/Advocate Plan

5. Evaluation and Assessment 

6. Conclusion

This is what needs to be included under each of the above areas:

1. Barriers that impede student success- Talk about several barriers that impede the success of a student. Then, narrow down to one that will be addressed in the paper. Please refer to the interview with a high school counselor. Notes attached. 

2. Stakeholders- Talk about the various stakeholders that assist in addressing this one barrier. Talk about their differing points of view or perspectives. 

3. Problem and Diagnosis- Identify the problem of the barrier by clearly explaining it. Discuss the context in which the issue exists and why. Diagnose the problem. 

4. Treatment/ Advocacy plan- Develop an advocacy/treatment plan for this one barrier in detail. 

5. Evaluation and Assessment- If this advocacy/treatment plan was used, what are ways that it can be evaluated and assessed to determine if it is successful.   


RUBRIC AND COUNSELOR QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ATTACHED.  You will probably have to add to the answers. 

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