A presentation about piaget’s theory of cognitive development. in

You have to do a presentation about Piaget’s Theory of cognitive development. And Piaget’s Stages of cognitive development. And the other important points that was mentioned in the attachment. You are going to use the attached pdf files as sources to do the presentation. It has enough information about that. 


IMPORTANT ****** you have to put a video that related to Piaget’s Theory AND 1-2 discussion questions after the video. ( It should be in the middle of the presentation)


FIRST – The presentation should be 12-15 slides. and not for the speaker For EACH SLIDE. or in other word, what i should say when i talk about each slide .


SECOND- It should be very clear and simple words because english is my second language.


THIRD – You should use important and interesting points with explanation that when I read the presentation, I would understand every things. and not just putting details that are not important and not clear.


FORTH – You have to do a summary for 1 and a half page not less than that to summarize what you explained in the presentation.


It is due on Thursday. March 17. 2016

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