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Many digital and social media sites are widely used in marketing strategies. This assignment is your opportunity to select a client and make recommendations about how to improve their social media strategy using concepts from this course.

Deliverable: 7- to 10-slide presentation.

o Speakers Notes are not necessary.

o Your audience will almost never have access to the speaker’s notes, so make sure you communicate complete ideas concisely on the slides so they can stand alone without your presentation.

o Focus on content and substance.

o You can use graphics like tables, charts, and graphs, but do not use clip art.

o Establish credibility, create shared meaning by defining terms.

Cover the following in your presentation:

o Introduction. Hook, theme, goals, process.

o [Terms slide]

o Company. Identify and briefly describe a company that could benefit from better use of social media.

o TIP: Use this opportunity to do a media analysis for our own organization.

o Problem. Identify the problem or opportunity they face with social media strategy.

o Target customer. Describe the target customer the company should engage with on social media.

o Channel analysis. Analyze at least 3 digital and social media channels and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each of these as a marketing tool for this company.

o TIP: Use a table for your comparison.

o Social Media Strategy. [See Ch 13] Design an online strategy that maximizes the use of some or all of the digital and social media channels, as appropriate, based on your analysis. Include the following critical elements in your strategy:

o Business Goals. Identify two business goals you can support with your strategy. For example ROI, Market Share, etc.

o Marketing Goals. Define two SMART goals for your strategy. Align the marketing goals with business goals.

o Target Customer. Identify the audience that is most likely to buy your offering.

o Channel. Identify the social media platforms and groups that your audience uses.

o Tactics. Identify the tactics you will use in each platform. For example, advertising, posts, groups.

o Metrics. Determine key performance indicators to measure the success of the online strategy.

o Conclusion. Summarize, explain the importance, challenge the audience.

o References. Support your analysis and recommendations with at least three sources, including the course materials for marketing concepts and definitions.

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