5 short management questions | Management homework help

I need you to answer 5 questions. they are not hard at all! each question may have more than one step so please answer these sepertally




Take the time to carefully review all the videos on this week’s topic of Organization Structure & Design – they are all between 2 – 7 minutes.



1. Describe at least 3 specific things that you learned about Organization Structure, Design or Processes.

2. If you have worked in an organization before, whether as a volunteer, paid employee, manager or intern, can you describe what organization structure it followed based on the videos and your textbook reading for this week?  If you haven’t been employed, volunteered or interned in an organization, then describe what you think the Organizational Structure of CSUN is like, OR you can choose to describe the Organizational Structure of your college at CSUN (Business, Education, HHS, etc)..



On page 453 of your textbook, please carefully read Case 11, “Nike – Spreading Out to Win the Race.”

1. How would you describe Nike’s current organizational structure?

2. If you were a consultant called in to help Nike with redesigning its structure to be more effective capturing more market share and avoid some of the bad press Nike has received regarding outsourced labor practices, what recommendations would you have that would add value to the redesign of its structure – it’s ok to make just small changes or big ones, whatever you think would add value.



On page 441-442, in your textbook, please carefully read Case 2, “Zara International – Fashion at the Speed of Light.” 

1. Based on this case and your textbook readings in the chapter, what organizational structure do you think best describes Zara currently – please describe what elements of Zara fit the organizational structure you chose.

2. As Zara focuses on increased online marketing and sales in the United States, do you see a need for Zara to change its current organizational structure, Why or Why Not?



On page 279 of your textbook, CH 12, please read section “Hidden Agendas in Organizational Change.” Organizations typically spend millions of dollars to make organizational changes happen, and it rarely goes according to plan – there are so many unknown variables that go into making an organizational change effective.  Frequently, the use of hidden agendas occurs when managers and others see the organization change a certain way, which might be in their best interest, but not the best interest of the overall organization. Sometimes in Organizational changes, one department like Marketing might get more funding, more staff hired, while Operations might lose funding and have to cut staff – you can see where each Department Manager might have his or her own agenda about the change.

1. If your manager asked you to influence and persuade others to go along with your manager’s agenda/ideas for change, and you agreed with some parts of your manager’s ideas, but not all of them, what would you do and Why? (Consider – would you go along with your manager whether you agreed or not, would you try to influence your manager to see that his or her ideas didn’t agree with your own ideas, would you refuse to speak on behalf your manager’s agenda, would you act openly as if you agreed with your manager, and then privately discuss your concerns with others, etc)



On page 287-288, CH 12, of your textbook, please complete and score the self-assessment “Change Leadership IQ.”  Being able to effectively manage and lead a change process with a strong tolerance of ambiguity (see pg. 282 for tolerance of ambiguity), is essential for today’s managers and leaders to be successful in their organizations,

1. How would you assess yourself in your ability to handle changes if you were managing/leading others?

2. If there are areas in which you’d like to improve in your ability to handle change in your own life or even when working with others, what could you begin to differently to handle change more effectively?  (Change happens all the time whether we like it or not)


I will uploud the pages here 


EACH question should AT LEAST have a 3 lines answer and that’s it!




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